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What have PlantBased and Zero Above achieved together?

What we did

PlantBased Magazine is the ultimate resource for vegan recipes. Their aim is to provide users with vegan meal ideas that are easy to follow and simple to cook. No matter the reason for eating a plant based diet, their delicious recipes contain no animal products and are entirely plant based. It’s vegan food as you’ve never seen it before!

PlantBased Magazine approached Zero Above to assist in the development of their brand new website. The website was underperforming in terms of traffic and engagement and the design was dated. There was an over-reliance on plugins which slowed down the site and caused a number of bugs when making enhancements to the site. There were a number of opportunities to make significant improvements to the site within this project:

  • To move away from the restrictive Beaver Builder and utilise the WordPress CMS
  • Create a more streamlined sign-up process, utilising WooCommerce Stripe and WooCommerce Subscription plugins
  • Integrations with Mag Cloner to fulfil digital editions and MailerLite for ongoing email marketing.

Strategy and Objectives

The core objectives for the design and build were:

  • To create a refreshed website design for, including branding, colours and fonts.
  • Be fully responsive across all browser types and devices
  • Integrate WooCommerce subscription, strip, mag cloner and email
  • Provide a fluid end-to-end subscription process within the site
  • Integrate an advertising plugin and reporting tool
  • Provide a foundation for strong ongoing marketing including:
    • Ability to do UX and CRO testing
    • Maintain engaged and relevant traffic
    • Strong SEO focus from the outset
    • Support ongoing social media and video marketing
    • Facilitate the swift journey into and along micro and macro conversion funnels
  • Accommodate the different display requirements of the content
  • Provide an easy-to-use interface to non-technical users/editors


In just one month since its launch in June 2018, the website has seen a vast improvement across a number of key metrics. Without any additional investment to promote the website, users have increased by +200% (with the number of new users increasing by +210%) and page views have increased by +40%. Subscriptions – which were a core focus of the design and build – have increased by 36%