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Infotec is a business based on strong family values which remain at the very core of their organisation as they continue to expand and pioneer groundbreaking underground survey solutions.

For nearly forty years, Infotec has been providing solutions to the UK Underground Survey and Mapping sector. Leading the industry not just in the United Kingdom but globally, they pioneer solutions such as gyroscopically tracked in-pipe LiDAR and 3D infrastructure point cloud modelling.

What we did

As a well established and well recognised brand, we worked alongside Infotec to make sure that their positive reputation was portrayed across their brand new website. Our ultimate goal was to position Infotec as market leaders within their sector, shining a light on their previously dark website design.

The new site is a user friendly, aesthetically pleasing design that is built to showcase high quality information in a digestible and attractive fashion. The inclusion of sleek, informative tiles across the four main service pages highlights the key aspects and primary user queries to do with that element of Infotec’s business.

The colour pallet used across the site was not designed to replace, but to enhance the previous style. With the addition of a vibrant, strong shade of yellow to complement the existing red, white and black, the website now has a refreshed and energised new look.

The work that Infotec carry out is highly technological and sophisticated. We wanted to show visitors to the website exactly what Infotec do and showcase why they are the company to choose. High level imagery alongside smooth videography examples are incorporated throughout the website to maximise visitor engagement.


As a team, Zero Above were delighted with the professionalism and impactfulness that is omnipresent throughout Infotec’s website redesign. From content clarity to simplified yet intriguing navigation, everything about the new Infotec design feels is bespoke and tailor-made for their successful and ambitious brand.