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Brands That Made It Big In Mobile

If you’re still not convinced that making sure your website is “Mobile Fit” is essential for online success – check out these big name brands that took the bull by the horns when it comes to mobile marketing!

Virgin Atlantic

The Virgin brand may be synonymous with success, but Richard Branson didn’t get where he is today by resting on his laurels. Forward thinking innovative apps were developed to help existing customers get more out of their travels, as well as build brand reputation even with people that are not already using Virgin Atlantic services.

What they did:

Developed a range of apps and a mobile site to make trips at home and away as hassle-free as possible.

  • Virgin Atlantic App – Easy way to check in, allocate seats, find out flight status, get travel advice and play games
  • Mobile Website – Manage bookings, check in, reserve seats and check flight statuses easily on a mobile device
  • London City Guide – Up to date info on events, restaurants, cafes and hotels
  • Mobile Boarding Pass/iPhone Passbook -“ Keep your boarding pass handy at all times on your mobile device, a handy alternative to paper passes where facilities exist
  • Trip Journal “Share” your travels with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter, or just keep for posterity
  • Flying Without Fear – This innovative app boasts a 98% success rate for those who want to overcome fear of flying.

Why it works:

Virgin Atlantic tapped into the psyche of a whole range of demographics that use their service to make whatever they are trying to do an easier and more pleasurable experience. The Flying Without Fear App is a great example of giving customers (or potential customers) information they want – and very cleverly building their brand reputation. Consequently they are more likely to get increased levels of bookings once people have overcome their fear and want to take to the skies more often!


O2 is a leading brand when it comes to mobile and broadband services, with quite an array of apps already available to its customers including:

  • My O2 – keep track of your account
  • O2 Priority Tickets – get gig tickets before general release
  • O2 Priority Moments – exclusive offers only available to O2 customers
  • Who Wnts 2no – keeping kids safe online
  • O2 Wallet – for anyone on any network with any bank, send and receive funds, compare prices and shop online
  • O2 Priority Sports – access to exclusive events, Nike products and opportunity to train with sporting heroes

But to stay ahead of the competition, they decided to take communication to another level with a communication app aimed at ALL mobile devices.

What they did:

The launch of TuGo enabled pay monthly O2 customers to make the most of their mobile phone contract on any device with WiFi, not just a mobile phone. With TuGo it is now possible to make phone calls and message contacts from up to five devices at a time using the call minutes and texts from the phone bundle.

Why it works:

The TuGo app has liberated the lives of users by not limiting calls and texts to a mobile phone. Now being out of range is not a problem as long as you have WiFi, and if your phone battery dies on you, you can choose another device to connect with contacts – genius!


Q: How do you make people eat more of your chocolate? A: Turn a tasty treat into a game! Yup, Cadbury decided to push their prowess by marketing to the mobile masses, introducing an AR app that turns the chocolate bar wrapper into a game, and treading on Kinder toes in one big move that embraces mobile marketing to the max. The story may be old news in marketing now, but it hit a heap of key features that we feel make it a brand that is leading the way in mobile marketing.

What they did:

Cadbury collaborated with blippar to devise Qwak Smack, an augmented reality game where gamers can point a smartphone device at a Cadbury wrapper and play to win prizes by tapping ducks that “magically” appear out of the chocolate bar.

Why it works:

  • It is entertaining
  • At 30 seconds long it is highly addictive – just one more game!
  • It promises to give players something for nothing by offering prizes
  • The game promotes the brand name
  • More people will buy chocolate bars that allow the game to be played

The game hits just about every nail on the head when it comes to engaging an online audience – Free things and fun all wrapped up in a fast moving responsive game that can even be played between mouthfuls. As if chocolate needed to be made any more appealing! Do you agree with our selection of brands that made it big on mobile? If you have any suggestions that you think would be fitting in a Mobile Marketing Hall of Fame, let us know which brand and why you think they are worthy in the comments below!   For more updates please contact us or follow our team of website design and development experts on twitter @zeroabove and like us on facebook here