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Content Writing in 2019

2018 was a groundbreaking year for digital marketing and content writing. The ever-changing marketing climate has presented a wide variety of new opportunities when it comes to content with a particular emphasis on visual aids such as animation, short films and infographics.

But 2019 is set to see even more change in content writing strategies and subsequently in what the consumer looks for in online written content. With that in mind, take a look at our top tips for successful online content writing in 2019.

Set high standards – get the basics right

Reviewing the work you’ve carried out previously is the perfect place to start the new year. Finding the time to get together with the team of writers you’re working with and discussing what worked well in the previous year and what needs to be improved on in the future. This is the perfect foundation for you to build and refine an efficient and effective content writing plan for the year.

Having revised and confirmed a content plan, it may be effective for a company to invest some time in creating a document that showcases an overview of how written content is being created. According to CMI’s recent report, only 39% of B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy. This means that a large number of marketers are still not able to prove how their plans are set to make a case about the value of content marketing to the rest of the company.

By producing a document that rectifies this, it demonstrates creativity and ambition and goes towards establishing the quality of the online written content.

Improve distribution of content

Content distribution can be a key part of your content marketing strategy. It’s not enough to create good content if you cannot show it to the right audience. Distribution is changing and 2019 will encourage marketers to spend more time finding the right tactics to reach their target audience.

Have a look at your data to discover your best acquisition channels and explore your audience’s habits when it comes to content consumption.

  • Start by answering some of these questions:
  • Which channels are the best performing acquisition channels?
  • What’s the user journey like?
  • What are the devices that the audience uses to consume content?
  • What’s the best time to reach the audience?
  • Which messaging works better to promote your content?
  • What’s the ideal frequency in terms of content promotion?

These questions can help you update your content marketing strategy to adjust to your audience’s needs. They can help you improve your tactics around content distribution to ensure that you stay as efficient as possible.

Quality over quantity

It’s tempting to come up with new content ideas on a daily basis. However, the quantity of content on the market heavily outweighs the quality and consumers are left looking for the fastest, most accessible, high level content possible.

Before creating pieces of written content, questions involving marketing goals, relevancy, target audience, originality and usefulness should all be thought about to ensure the most effective online written content is being produced.

It may also be beneficial to spend time updating pre-existing content rather than creating completely new content when possible as it allows you to maintain a strong SEO performance whilst updating the feel and quality of writing.


It is inevitable that technological advances and adaptations will come to fruition in 2019 and it is far more effective to be proactive than reactive for online content producers in these circumstances.

The key is to learn and grasp the new software, platform or trend as quickly as possible (whether you learn in advance of the release or quickly afterwards.)

Following this, set aside time and budget to experiment with new trends, technologies or even new ideas to see how they work in real-time rather than forecasting predictions.

From the results you receive, you can plan how you move forward with online content production whether the experiment suggests taking new stances when it comes to a new platform or a new method of content production altogether (voice technology) experimenting and trying new things when appropriate is the best way to adapt and improve in 2019.

Audience first

In the fast moving industries that require strong written content online, often the pressure to follow trends, stay up to date and constantly improve can prove somewhat detrimental.

In 2019 there should be a key focus on listening to your audience and identifying the things that they respond to best when it comes to written content. Whether this is specific tonality and styles when it comes to writing, visual aids, new technologies and ideas or a mixture of everything – what is best received across your target audience should be at the forefront of the content you produce.